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Villages to visit in Italy

The most beautiful villages to visit in Italy

Italy has really a lot of villages worth a visit, and Romagna is one of the regions boasting more Medieval fortresses and castles, as it was a land of powerful dynasties, such as the Malatestas.

Ancient land of the thousands tales

Italy is studded with smaller and bigger architectural treasures that witness the history, which has molded its territory over time, from the great Romans to the flourishing Renaissance. From North to South, we find whole villages that have come to us perfectly kept with their Medieval walls and their impressive castles that still inspire awe and respect; Romagna is a territory rich at these pieces of testimony, as it was the land of important dynasties such as the Malatestas from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. From the coast to the hills of the hinterland it is possible to view many different villages, fortresses and castles each with its own history, on the other hand these territories have been the scene to wars between powerful dynasties for the rule over the territory.

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San Leo

One of the most important and famous forts of the territory of Romagna is San Leo; a fortress used as a prison, which would become sadly known for “hosting” Earl Cagliostro, alchemist of the XVIII century who opposed the Church.

The Castle of Gradara

Another castle in Romagna, known for a sad legend, is the Castle of Gradara; it was a residence of the Malatestas, the Sforzas, the Borgias and the Della Roveres and it is said that Francesca from Rimini and her broche-in-law Paolo were murdered here.

The Castle of Azzurrina

The Castle of Montebello is also called as Castle of Azzurrina, because the legend about this place narrates that here, in 1375, the albino daughter of the feudal lord mysteriously disappeared in the basement and was not found anymore; people would still hear her laments.

Castles, myths and legends

Every castle worthy of its name has a ghost, a myth or a legend, and Italy is rich at these “particular” places, from castles to houses and even churches. In Romagna there were different places in which mysteries and legends are in the air; many are the castles and villages that stud the hills between the Tosco-Emilian Apennine and the coast. Some of them, such as the Castle of Gradara and Montebello, are said to be infested by ghosts or having been the scene to particularly important historical events.

The Malatestas and the Montefeltroes

The Malatestas and the Montefeltroes were the two great dynasties which from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance disputed the lands between the Romagna and the Marche between them, today it is the trademark chosen to represent the touristic offer of the Romagna hinterland.

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