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Sport in Romagna

Sport in Romagna, a world class excellence

The Riviera of Romagna hosts plenty of top-notch attractions, including sport, from the two wheel s to the motors up to beach sports and wellness.

Romagna, the land of sport

Two wheels, wellness and beach

Romagna is an extremely resourceful land, mainly known as top-notch Italian destination thanks to its 90 km of coast and its really well fitted beaches, but also known as the “capital of fun”; it owes its success also to its renowned warmth and hospitality of its inhabitants. Romagna though is also the world class sport land, it may suffice to think of the Misano World Circuit that hosts the Grand Prix of San Marino and the Riviera of Rimini, one of the most important international races. Not only motors, sport in Romagna is also a synonym for cycling, a sport deeply rooted in this territory and among its people; many people flock here from all over Italy to join competitions such as the Nine Hills (Nove Colli) Race.

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Misano World Circuit is one of the Italy’s most important race tracks, where the Grand Prix of San Marino and the Riviera of Rimini is held; since the death of Marco Simoncelli in 2012, the circuit has been renamed after him.

The Paganello

High-ranking sporting events that are held on the Riviera include the Paganello, don’t let’s forget about this Beach Ultimate world cup that has taken place in Rimini since 1990, a race among 1000 athletes from all over the world.

The Nine Hill Race

Cycling is one of the symbolic sports of Emilia-Romagna, one of the most ancient and prestigious races is held right along the routes of the Romagna Apennine: it is the Nove Colli, which every year sees the participation of over 1000 cyclists.

Beach sport

What better place than the Riviera of Romagna can be chosen for beach sports? Its extra-long, sandy beaches are the perfect location for all Summer sports, from beach volley to frisbee and beach tennis; every fitted beach has its play grounds and at every time of the day you can meet with your friends for a match. Every year, along all the beaches of the Riviera, from June to September, you can practice sport to pursue your own psychophysical wellbeing, from yoga to pilates up to thai chi; we are talking about the “wellness beaches”.

Rimini Wellness

Rimini Wellness has established the Riviera as the core of sport and wellness; at Italy’s greatest national fair totally dedicated to fitness and psychophysical wellbeing, many thousands connoisseurs meet every year to discover what’s news in this branch.

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